The concept of a modern, cosy, and comfortable home certainly features sparkling clean surfaces, convenient furniture, and also beautiful and soft textile and fabric such as the bathroom and kitchen towels. However, most of us simply do not how to keep the towels extra soft and pleasant to touch as they were initially when we bought them. Thanks to the frequent usage and the regular washing, towels tend to start losing their softness soon after we start using them. Worry not because there is a way to maintain your tea and bathroom towels soft and brand new-looking and today the cleaning experts share their best tips and tricks on how to do so. Thanks to these professional recommendations you will be able to keep the textile and fabrics at home in a flawless condition and minimise wear and tear.

Laundry the bathroom towels at least once weekly

The high-quality maintenance of bathroom towels requires to wash them at least once a week. The same requirement is applied to the kitchen and tea towels too considering how quickly they get dirty. Experts also recommend you separating kitchen and bathroom towels when doing the laundry. For example, be sure you are never mixing the white towels with the ones in colour. Do not use bleaching products for anything else than the white towels. In addition, make sure to unfold the towels when you put them into the washer.

Do not use too much fabric softener

A common mistake of towel washing is putting too much fabric softener when doing the laundry. At first, using a lot of fabric softener will make the towels extra soft, but later on, with time the softener will leave a residue that leads to a build-up and the towels start getting coarser.

Wash the towels with the right washing machine setting

It is a common mistake to wash all sorts of fabrics with a washing machine setting on a very low temperature. However, when washing the kitchen and bathroom towels it is important to select a set with a high enough temperature to destroy all bacteria and germs. Professional cleaners recommend a temperature of at least 40 degrees Celsius.

A proper storage for the towels

The best way to keep the towels extra soft and nice to touch is by air drying them. However, if this is not the option and you put the washed towels in the dryer instead, experts recommend to never put the towels into a full dryer in order to keep their softness. When it comes to storing the towels, make sure you are not hanging the towels on top of each other. The same rule is applied to storing the folded towels in a drawer/cabinet. Make sure you put them folded next to each other instead of on top of each other.

Tips for extra soft kitchen towels

Surprisingly enough, some of the most effective helping hands for keeping the kitchen and tea towels extra soft and brand new-looking are hidden… in your kitchen cabinets and drawers! One of the most effective methods for softer towels is by adding a few drops of white vinegar into the washing machine when doing the laundry. Baking soda also can make wonders for softer towels. Whenever you are putting the towels into the dryer, do not forget to put a tennis ball in there too and it will prevent the flattening of the towel’s fibres.