We often talk about how highly recommended and good professional commercial carpet cleaning services are. However, we also understand that with today’s economy, it is a bit hard for any business on the market to have a budget for such things like regular cleaning services delivered. Many business managers prefer to cut off the budget for such services and try and find alternative ways to the good old janitorial services. Although many small businesses find a way to do that, professional carpet cleaning is still a process that requires professionalism, experience and specific knowledge that only the well-trained and qualified experts can offer. Because of that today we will try to explain to you the meaning of professional commercial carpet cleaning and what it actually means. We hope that once you understand the basics, you will see the benefits and advantages of the professional service and that it is not only about vacuuming once in a week!

In fact, carpets are very popular flooring choice for many businesses and office premises as well as for restaurants, public buildings and so on. It all comes from their beautiful appearance, functionality and the price that is lower than the price of any hard flooring type, especially when it comes to floors that are made out of natural products. Besides the fact that carpets come with a lot of benefits and advantages, they still request some specific attention and cleaning routine in order to maintain their look and condition and prolong their life, especially in busy, commercial areas. A professional service is recommended at least once or twice every year, depending on the level of everyday use and the high traffic. As you can see, this is not something that you have to schedule every week and because of that it is most surely not going to break the bank at all.

In general, all carpet cleaning methods, no matter if commercial, or residential carpet cleaning, or even upholstery and curtain cleaning – all of them work with hot water. Even “dry cleaning” needs water, but it is a low-moisture process that absorbs quickly excess moisture along with soil and dirt. Although this is a quick and inexpensive process that cuts out the drying time significantly, it still doesn’t include rinsing, so residue may remain after. In addition, there are three types of this method – dry foam, absorbent pad and absorbent powder. Dry foam reminds us of the baking soda method because it is a crystalising shampoo that dries on the surface of the carpet and it is then removed with a vacuum. It is typically used before the main water extraction method. The absorbent pad technique consists of placing a large cotton bonnet on top of the surface and the rotating it to absorb the dirt. The powder method is almost the same thing as the dry foam method.

Hot water extraction method is considered to be more thorough and precise process and it consists of an application of hot water cleaning solution, which is then quickly removed with a machine along with all the dirt, dust and allergens. This method uses the most powerful equipment, tools and products on the market.