Carpets are very common flooring choice for many households and businesses. And it is easy to see why, because carpets are beautiful, practical and come on a lower price, comparing them to natural hard floor options, for example. However, along with all the advantages a carpet flooring can have, there are a few drawbacks too. For example, carpets are most likely to get worn and dirty more quickly. Dirt and permanent stains are a common issue every carpet owner had faced at some point. Of course, a proper carpet cleaning is very important in order to protect the beauty and condition of the carpet from a number of issues as well as for prolonging its life. An everyday cleaning routine that includes vacuuming is more than enough on a daily basis, but definitely not enough in general, because a vacuum machine, no matter how powerful and so, cannot get rid of all the soil, dust and debris accumulated, and carpets are really good at attracting and holding on dirt. So, next thing you have to consider in order to take care of your carpet properly is hiring a professional residential or commercial carpet cleaning service, depending on your project.

The carpet cleaning professionals are really good at finding a solution of any issue possible and even finding an effective way of getting rid of all annoying stains, nasty smell, worn look and so on. Of course, you may start asking yourself how often you are going to need a professional service delivered. So today we are going to discuss this subject with you. In general, the frequency should be increased in areas with busy and high traffic, heavy footfall and really high level of everyday use. Of course, where there are young children and pets, there are normal accidents to happen and because of that professional carpet cleaning services are recommended every couple of months. In areas of high dust and interior humidity, the carpet should be cleaned thoroughly at least once a month, because humidity and moisture are the perfect conditions for germs and bacteria.

Of course, the frequency of carpet cleaning depends also on the location. For example, offices and business areas that are located on the ground floor request for more frequent carpet cleaning, like two to three months, because moisture is often an issue in such areas. In dusty regions, cleaning frequency might need to be increased to once every month, because carpets are really good at attracting and holding on the dust that is trapped deep in the fibres and almost impossible to remove by vacuuming, at least everything that is hidden under the surface. Depending on the climate and conditions, carpet cleaning may be a subject of different schedules and frequency.

Of course, where food is served, there are always a number of stains and soil and because of that carpet cleaning is required twice a month. The regular schedule is monthly but can be increased, depending on the individual needs of the project and the establishment. Of course, spots and stains have to be cleaned as soon as possible, they require a quick response, otherwise, you risk them become permanent. Getting the stain up before it sets in the carpet fibres is very important.