Ok, let’s be real. You started this year really enthusiastic about your resolutions and plans to be a better person. But somehow you didn’t manage to become the superwoman or Superman you expected to get to the beginning of spring. Are you procrastinating? Are you too busy to have time for your resolutions? Are you changing plans and ideas? No matter the reason, people that complete their New Year resolutions simply don’t exist. But there are people that make middle-of-the-year-springtime resolutions and they definitely exist! Look at this side, there are already a few months over from the beginning of the year and we are pretty clear and honest about what to expect and how productive we can be. This time around the Christmas spirit is gone for a long time, all the magic and enthusiasm that makes us extra ambitions has already settled down and eggnogs are just a beautiful reminder of one holiday season already gone. With that being said, it is beginning of spring… and it is time for new resolutions!

When taking and thinking on your new, second chance and definitely more realistic resolutions, better start with the basics and with all things that are pretty easy to follow and will make you feel significantly better without taking too much of your time and energy. Think of cleaning resolutions. Yes, we know that this is a real mood killer to mention, but house cleaning is important, you know… because after all we are human beings and we need decent living conditions, at least. This cleaning plan will help you distinguish an easy and effective daily, weekly, yearly and seasonal one-off cleaning schedule, so without further ado, let’s have a look at what the professionals recommend.


Example of daily chores: make the bed, put dirty clothes in the hamper, wipe down sinks and counters in the bathroom, open mail and toss anything you don’t need, wipe down sinks and counters in the kitchen, wash dishes, vacuum or sweep high traffic areas, pick up toys and organise the clutter.


Example of weekly chores: do the laundry, including bedding, clean kitchen appliances, bleach the sink, scrub the stovetop, disinfect counters, wipe down bathroom mirrors, wash bathroom curtains and rugs, deep clean shower and tub, bleach the sink, disinfect counters and the toilet, dust furniture in the entire house, deep vacuum, mop the floors, wipe down light switches, throw away clutter, sort out and organise bills and post, file important documents, organise anything else.


Example of monthly chores: clean windows, floorboards, ceiling fans, decorative mirrors and other decoration pieces, clean the refrigerator and freezer inside and out, toss away expired and bad food, vacuum furniture, air vents, walls, sanitize kid’s toys and organise their play areas, bookshelves and toy compartments, clean office areas, wipe down electronics, keyboard, mouse, monitors, desk supplies, organise loose paperwork and files.


If there are any areas of your house that need to be approached with really good organisational skills, then be sure to collect all the clutter and anything you don’t need right at the moment in boxes and go through these boxes whenever you can. Be sure to toss everything you don’t need and find a proper place for anything else remaining.