Upholstery cleaning is recommended by the professionals at least twice a year along with carpet and curtain cleaning. Dirty and neglected upholstery is a more serious thing that ruined the appearance and overall bad look. The dust, debris and dirt accumulated by your upholstered pieces is often a serious reason for the unhealthy indoor environment and poor quality of indoor air. The dirt buildups come along allergens and bacteria, which put your health and safety at risk and can lead to a number of conditions, irritations and allergies. Dust itself is the most common reason for allergies in any household. Because of that hiring professional upholstery cleaning service plays a vital role for an extra clean and well-maintained home and workplace.

In addition, your upholstered furniture pieces are a serious investment. In order to enhance their beauty and longevity and have that peace of mind that you will get every penny invested into them worth it, you have to make sure they are maintained and cleaned properly and with the required attention to details. Otherwise, the wear and tear process will come quicker than you expect and will ruin the whole appearance of the expensive upholstered pieces you have blown your hard-earned money for.

Well, professional upholstery cleaning service is not always a solution for you due to lack of time, or a number of other reasons like, for example, limited budget. In situations like this bracing yourself and dealing with the problem all by yourself is the only way to achieve the desired result and to accomplish this rather challenging task. In situations like this knowledge and understanding, the main thing required for a proper clean and having attention to even the smallest detail is what will save the day. Upholstery and fabrics often come with soft and easy to destroy structures and complex patterns, all sorts of materials that require individual treatment and more, because of that following the recommendations of the experts play a vital role. Today we are sharing with you our best and time-proven professional advice on how to clean and take care of upholstery all by yourself!

When doing upholstery cleaning at home, make sure you make it frequent enough. Weekly basic care includes removing pillows and cushions and using the crevice tool on your vacuum to get rid of the dust and debris accumulated in every nook and corner that hold dust. If the cushions are not removable than make sure to get into all the available areas. Don’t forget to vacuum the cushions, too! Replace and rotate the cushions from time to time to keep the wear evenly distributed and the cushions in shape. If you notice any stains, then spot-clean them immediately with a specially designed for the purpose mild detergent (keep in mind the material your furniture pieces are made from and what are the recommendations of the manufacturer), otherwise, you risk them to turn permanent and impossible to get rid of. Let the treated areas air dry before use, otherwise, dampness can lead to mould. Alternatively, you can always hire a professional stain removal service – it is quick and on a good pricing. Freshen all throw pillow by tossing them in the dryer and set it on air or fluff. Take care and remove the dust from throw blankets also!

Stay tuned for part two of the upholstery cleaning series, when we are going to share more helpful advice for more in-depth treatment!