Purchasing a new carpet is a pretty serious investment, no matter how you look at it. Because of that, we all carpet owners would like to enjoy our carpet in perfect condition and appearance for the longest time. The same could be said for upholstered furniture pieces, rugs, curtains, even mattresses. This is why professional carpet and upholstery cleaning, stain removal and all other types of cleaning and maintenance services are that popular and easy to find and here – we don’t have a second thought when it comes to taking care of something we like, we invest money into and we want to enjoy for longer.

Although carpets are amongst the easiest to maintain flooring types, there are still some things you have to keep in account in order to ensure their perfect condition and appearance. And we are not talking for professional carpet cleaning only. Can your carpet actually shrink? We know that wood flooring can shrink, but does this happen with your carpet too and is there any way to prevent that? The last thing you need right now is your expensive carpet shrinking, right? Well, it is actually possible to happen, but this doesn’t have to worry you, because you are able to stop and prevent the process!

The main reason for carpets shrinking is… well, you probably already guessed it, it is because of inappropriate carpet cleaning! There are generally two types of carpets that are expected to shrink for some reason – Axminsters (those with wool face fibre and a jute backing yarn) and Wiltons (made of a polypropylene face fibre with a jute backing). The main reason for these both types of carpets to shrink is the fact that when cleaning them with water-related methods, excess water can go to the bottom of the backing and this will lead to shrinkage. The main reason for this to happen is either underpowered equipment or just a bad technique. Powerful water extraction is how you recognise a quality carpet cleaning machine, the one that won’t leave excess water and moisture to damage your carpet. Bad carpet cleaning techniques are often related to applying too much pre-spray cleaning agents, also too much water in the rinsing process. As you can see, when it comes to carpet cleaning, too much is not for good. As a result of the above-mentioned mistakes that are often made, a lot of stress is caused by the structure of the carpet, which leads to expanding and shrinking at some point.

How to prevent and avoid your carpet shrinking? Well, we guess that the right answer is pretty obvious! Always wash your carpet properly and even better – make sure you are hiring really experienced and well-equipped professionals in the field. Knowledgeable and experienced carpet cleaning specialists are the people that can offer a really correct treatment for your carpet with attention to all details and a lot of care. But they also have to be able to offer a service that is performed with really high quality and powerful water extraction machines that can ensure your carpet will be safe.