In general, carpets are number one floor covering in offices and commercial premises now as well as wooden floors, which are often covered with rugs (and here is where our rug cleaning service comes in handy, but this is a topic for another article). Carpets are often the number one choice for such spaces and busy areas because of their functionality, lower price and look. Carpets are a practical decision that won’t break the bank and they are overall very suitable for such areas like commercial and business buildings and offices. However, one of the drawbacks of choosing carpet for your workplace and choosing carpet, in general, is the fact that it is pretty hard to keep clean and maintain on a daily basis.

Of course, carpets need daily vacuuming and such, however, we all know that this is simply not enough to keep them visually clean. Even when the carpet may appear to you pretty clean and fresh, this is usually only on the surface, because the everyday use and especially the high traffic the commercial areas are known for two very serious reasons why carpet attracts and accumulates so much dirt, grime, dust and debris. All these dirt build-ups along with all the bacteria and allergens attracted usually stay trapped deep in between the fibres of the carpet and they are a reason not only for a ruined look and shorter life of the carpet but most importantly for unhealthy and unsafe indoor environment and polluted indoor air. Pretty much something that is inadmissible in commercial and public areas that are visited by many employees, guests and clients every day.

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So, what you can do in order to ensure a perfectly clean carpet and healthier indoor environment? It is as easy as it can be, simply contact Carpet Cleaner and we will immediately discuss with you your commercial carpet cleaning expectations, needs, requirements and desires and also offer you a great stain removal options. If you are not completely sure where to start with, we would be happy to help you and inspect the carpet that you feel needs a thorough treatment and recommend the best approach possible. In general, hiring professional commercial carpet cleaning team is recommended every now and then for consistent and quality cleanliness and sanitation, bacteria and allergens reduction, improved look and condition and long-lasting protection from wear and tear, discolouration and other issues.

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What are the other benefits that each Carpet Cleaner’s commercial carpet cleaning service comes within Clapham? Besides highly professional and delivering consistent quality according to the highest standards and regulations, our commercial carpet cleaning team is very reliable, work with a professional and timely manner and minimises the disruption to your business operations for full comfort. Each and every member of our company is trained to recognise the value of reliability, honesty and loyalty, so you can feel extra safe when working with us! In addition, we want to make the whole experience extra comfortable for you and tailor our carpet cleaning performance to your needs and requirements. Because of that, we provide you with the freedom of customised service with frequency and visit of your choice, depending on your own schedule. We are also respectful of your budget limits, so our prices are as affordable as it can be!