If you have been looking for a professional end of a tenancy cleaning company, then you have just found it here! We provide our clients with moving out, upholstery, rug, carpet and mattress cleaning in Clapham with very high quality and also consistency, reliability and professionalism.

If you want to get your deposit back and leave the place perfectly clean for your landlord or estate agent, then professional end of tenancy cleaning is required and you can get it on perfectly reasonable price here, at Carpet Cleaner! Our end of tenancy cleaning service is complete deep sanitation and disinfection of a rented property in between changing the occupying tenants. End of tenancy professional service is not always required by documentation, although they often are one of the requirements you put your signature under, they are one of those things that you have the moral necessity to ensure, when leaving the property you have rented for a certain amount of time. After all, you don’t like to move into a very messy and cluttered property and so the people renting after you don’t like it too. So, it is often a matter of your personal decision whether to hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning help and it is always a good decision if you decide so.

Best quality cleaning services at a great price

The main job of our professional team is to sanitise every inch from top to bottom covering all details, every nook and corner, even areas that are usually highly neglected or hard to reach. Dust, dirt and grime and bacteria and allergens are removed thanks to professional cleaning solutions and maintenance approaches that are very advanced and effective, developed and improved by us. Even the places that you have never thought they need a thorough clean and that they won’t attract so much dirt and dust, like the back of the fridge, for example, are scrubbed and cleaned to full perfection. Be sure that hiring us for your Clapham’s end of tenancy cleaning project means that very soon unbeatable cleanliness and freshness will be in full force with a very long-lasting effect and additional protection added.

An effective cleaning plan guaranteed

We take care of everything you can possibly imagine, we approach everything very efficiently yet very gently to preserve their condition and appearance. Everything will be clean precisely inside and out, starting with floors, no matter if there are hard floors like vinyl, laminate, wood or stone, or we have to deal with carpets. In fact, for highly stained carpets in really sad condition we also recommend to you to consider our residential carpet cleaning service, also available in Clapham. Next, we take care of every inch of the property and approach every room, from bedroom and kitchen to hallways and even basements, with a lot of professionalism and knowledge. All the appliances will be also scrubbed and sanitised to perfection, ensuring a very impressive final result with a very timely manner of work for your comfort. With us, you can benefit from the full end of tenancy cleaning list without paying an extra penny for additional services, treatments, equipment and products. Booking our service will no longer affect your financial well-being because we provide you with great quality at a very affordable price! Speak to us today!