Our professional mattress cleaning service available for clients in the Clapham area will help you to keep your mattress free of mould, bacteria and allergens and other dirt and dust build-ups that mattresses often attract for the time you use them. Being a company with a long-term experience and covering a lot of areas of professional cleaning and maintenance treatments from upholstery cleaning to stain removal in Clapham, we find that mattress cleaning is among the most essential professional services you have to invest in every now and then.

After all, mattresses that are not cleaned for a very long time are one of the main reason for different skin and respiratory conditions, allergies and irritations, considering the frequent direct contact you have with them. Mattresses that are not cleaned properly have the same affection for your health and safety, because the usage of harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients have to be reduced to the total minimum in this case. So, if you want your mattress sparkling clean, well-disinfected and sanitised and protected for a long amount of time, then Carpet Cleaner’s service is your best solution! We guarantee flawless and long-lasting results, highly effective approach, a timely manner of work and advanced equipment and quality and safe products.

Top-rated mattress cleaning services in your area

Our low-moisture, high-pressure system clean the mattress and reduce the drying time all at once. We are proud of developing and improving such a successful and efficient concept that ensures the right treatment and maintenance method for our Clapham clients and their belongings. Based on the almost the same concept as upholstery and carpet cleaning we offer, mattress cleaning delivered by our qualified and knowledgeable specialists is highly effective, very thorough and precise and very gentle to the mattress at the same time! How is it done? Regular mattress cleaning has a vital role in keeping your space healthy, safe and fresh and for making yourself feel extra comfortable and cosy. After all, everyone needs time to relax and what better reason to take care of your mattress than ensuring a quality relaxing time and healthy night sleep?!

Modern and effective cleaning solutions

Once you arrange a convenient service appointment with Carpet Cleaner, you can expect us to visit you on time, as promised and discussed and finishing our job on time while minimising the disruption to your day-to-day life. We understand that our busy-schedule clients are often in need of more flexible working time and because of the fact we respect your schedule and requirements, we ensure that there is always a mattress cleaning crew available whenever you need our help and assistance! After a thorough inspection, Carpet Cleaner’s team will get straight to work. Your entire mattress will be pre-treated with safe and effective cleaning agents and then washed entirely with fresh and clean water to remove all the residue and all the dirt and grime. If there are still some stubborn stains and spots left, we will treat them properly and make sure that at the end your mattress will look and feel like brand new for you to enjoy it for a long, long time!