Is there a perfect time for professional rug cleaning service hire? Anytime sounds like perfect! This is exactly what you can expect from us at Carpet Cleaner – being there for you anytime you want us to help and assist you! Our professional services redefine the meaning of clean. In fact, all of our services do so, starting with upholstery cleaning and finishing with stain removal, however today we are here to talk a bit more about rug cleaning and maintenance.

What is considered to be a clean rug really? For so many years we, as a customer, are trained by advertising and marketing agencies and campaigns to believe that harsh chemicals and highly powerful products are what make the house extra clean. In such a sanitised and disinfected environment, we hardly ever feel cosy and really homey, more like living in a hospital room, or a pharmacy. And this is not even the real problem in this case. Disinfecting products are truly made to successfully get rid of all bacteria, viruses and allergens around the house as well as all the dirt, grime and debris. Believe us, there is practically anything you can find on the shelves of your local department store these days, from killing germs heavy-duty products to whitening, smoothing and deodorising agents. However, are there any limits to using these products really? In fact, there are!

A fresh start – choose the thorough rug cleaning

Rug cleaning products come in different shapes and forms and with different promises, but always the same way to increase the indoor air and environment pollution because of the toxic ingredients. Because of that while you are trying to make your home or workplace be extra clean and extra healthy, you are increasing the risk of toxic pollution, which is something you definitely not want to neglect! So, how to have a sparkling clean rug and mat while making sure the indoor environment is healthy and safe enough?

We have practically designed and developed a rug cleaning concept that promises to accomplish anything you are in need of. So, our services guarantee impressive final results, healthier indoor space, harsh chemical reduction, thorough and precise methodology, efficient yet gentle approach to finer textures and more. Instead of taking the easiest way of doing what anyone else does, we have decided that Carpet Cleaner is going to provide each and every client in Clapham with highly professional, reliable and innovative rug cleaning service on very reasonable price.

More free time for you – best cleaning results

What makes our rug cleaning service available in Clapham advanced? Well, it is not because of the advanced technologies and high-quality products used, although we truly use them for every rug, carpet and upholstery cleaning project we undertake. It is mostly about the attitude we have to our work and our priorities. We have invested a lot in ending up with a truly professional and quality services for our clients and for anyone in need in Clapham. We have spent years in researching and improving, we have spent a lot of money and energy into finding people with true passion and talent to be trained in our exclusive technique and we have put our hearts fully in the idea of making a healthier, safer and unbeatable rug cleaning service happen! And it has happened!