You are going to eventually need to deal with stains on carpets, rugs and upholstery. In fact, accidents happen and you often can’t do anything to prevent them, especially in houses with young kids and pets, when accidents like spills and stains are simply unpredictable. Well, yes, you can’t do anything to prevent them, but if you react quickly and properly, you can save the look of what is at risk of a permanent stain. Stains are part of our life, cleaning them also.

Because of that you have to have basic knowledge on how to deal with different kind of stains, you have to be sure to treat them properly and use effective products that are also non-toxic and don’t contain harsh chemicals, otherwise you are increasing the risk of an unhealthy indoor environment and lower indoor air quality. Of course, there are some situations when even your best cleaning secrets are simply not working. But don’t worry, because Carpet Cleaner’s cleaning and stain removal secrets are always working and they are working the best. So, if you find yourself in a hard situation dealing with stubborn stains on carpets, rugs, mats, mattresses and upholstery, be sure to get in touch with us and we will help you with the best solution of your problem.

Providing the best customer experience and care

We are a long-term cleaning experts operating in Clapham. Our speciality is the specific methods and treatments for all the features of your house or workplace that require more thorough and knowledgeable approach. For so many years we make our clients happy by solving even the most challenging mattress, rug, carpet, upholstery cleaning and stain removal situations and guaranteeing impressive final results and quality of service that is unbeatable in Clapham. The pros at Carpet Cleaner have the solution for eliminating the staunchest of blemishes and we are sharing our secret solutions and successful methods with you!

The majority of stains and spills are very easy to remove with Carpet Cleaner’s basic cleaning system. This system is based on the idea of high effectiveness and powerful treatment for stubborn stains and also gently maintaining the soft structure of carpets, upholstery and fabrics as well as using greener and safer products for decreasing the risk of harsh chemicals have an impact on our clients’ health. Occasionally, difficult and challenging stains like red wine, paint, lipstick, permanent marker, etc. require special treatment.

Cost-effective and comprehensive services

Who is able to provide you with this special treatment? Of course we at Carpet Cleaner! Our stain removal crew is professionally trained in the most advanced and improved techniques and methodologies they follow strictly with every service arrangement and visit in Clapham. In addition, our professionals are equipped with state-of-art products that can take care of virtually all spots and stains under the Sun. All the products we work with are highly safe and good for your home and unlike all the products you can find on the shelves at your local supermarket, ours are highly efficient yet non-toxic and dangerous for your health. We can knock tough stains out of carpets, rugs and upholstery for good. Our stain removal service is available for all our clients, so be sure to contact us, whenever in need!