There is a spot on your expensive sofa? There is a spot on the leather armchair? Don’t panic, because accidents happen all the time and this is not the end of the world! We at Carpet Cleaner are here to help you and provide you with the best upholstery cleaning service and stain removal treatment in Clapham that guarantees impressive final results, effective treatments and gentle approach to fabrics.

However, your first instinct when spotting a spot may be using a household upholstery cleaner. And why not?! It is quick, it is easy, it is not expensive at all! But is this what your upholstered pieces really need? And what happens when you cannot remove a stain with what you find a trusty product? Maybe it is about time to invest your hard-earned money in something more than just a cloth and the next multi-purpose cleaner on the shelves of the local department store or supermarket. Maybe it is time to invest your money into a professional upholstery cleaning treatment and that way you are going to save your precious time, energy and, above all, your precious beautiful upholstered pieces and everything with a piece of fabric on it around the house.

Perfecting upholstery cleaning since decades

More in depth, did you know that even when you can’t see visible stains, that doesn’t mean that your upholstery is clean? Oh, it definitely doesn’t mean that! And we know that, and we know how to provide you with the best solution! Simply be sure to call our upholstery cleaning crew that operates in Clapham. Or for extra clean and beautiful home or workplace – simply hire Carpet Cleaner for carpet, curtain and rug cleaning along with the upholstery maintenance service. All of the services we provide you with are based on the same concept for delivering extra high quality with our own advanced methods and technologies and with much reliability and consistency, and all that on an amazingly affordable price!

Even when stains are not visible, or not there at all, your upholstery carries bacteria and allergens that build up together with dust, dirt and debris almost as much as your carpet (and you know how important regular carpet cleaning is). If not removed, all these can potentially affect your health and safety. On the other hand, we are trained to believe that the opposite of bacteria is cleaning products that consist of harsh chemicals and toxins. In fact, these are very successful getting rid of all the nasty things, but are these really recommended for a healthy and safe indoor environment? They are not! And here is where our upholstery cleaning crew comes in handy once again for all Clapham clients.

Brilliant results with no disruption and stress

We count on our own, very advanced and improved techniques and methods that are already time-proven and guarantee 100% satisfaction. We work with products that are truly top quality and highly effective and still don’t contain dangerous ingredients and ensure a healthy and safe indoor air for anyone. So, without the bacteria that causes sickness and without all the heavy chemicals usually used by professional companies that cause allergies, respiratory, skin and eye irritations and conditions, without all that what we have left? A superb quality, consistent and reliable upholstery cleaning service that is available in Clapham and guarantees results above and beyond your expectations!